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The Elegant Solution That Helps You Create Modern Passwords

Fun, Kinetic, Colorful: a matching set of 14 large dice. When rolled together, they create modern passwords composed of uppercase letters, lower case letters, numbers, and special characters.

Making strong passwords to protect your identity online is as easy as rolling the dice.

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Just Roll To Make A Secure Password

You don't have to be a cybersecurity expert to use these dice. Simply roll the dice together to generate a secure password — it's that easy!

No guesswork is needed regarding special characters — if the characters appear on the dice, simply use them in your password.

Make Cybersecurity Fun

CASTALOT™ Dice make generating secure passwords fun. Plus, the color and design will look great on any home or office desk.

They're the perfect gift for dice collectors, or anyone interested in computer science, cryptocurrency or the challenges of our modern digital life.

The Perfect Gift For...

IT Professionals

 Gain some peace of mind knowing your accounts and networks are safer and less vulnerable. Share these fun dice with your colleagues and workshop attendees.

Dice Hobbyists

Feed your passion for dice collecting with a practical purpose. Your interest in dice helps to solve a really big problem!


You're a savvy cryptocurrency supporter. Use these colorful dice to protect your gains by adding an additional layer of security.
Roll CASTALOT Dice to Secure Your Online Life In 3 Simple Steps
Roll the dice.
Write down the password.
Save securely in a password manager.
Stay Safer Online with Modern Passwords

With our new dice, you can easily create modern, strong passwords that protect your identity and your digital assets. Using a different, strong password for each of your online accounts will dramatically improve your odds of enjoying a safer online experience.

Each super-strong password you create with CASTALOT™ Dice is like a mini superhero, helping to keep you safe online.

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